Mainline kernel for Apalis i.MX8QM


I see that several patches for supporting i.MX8QM have been applied to mainline kernel. For example, [PATCH v9 5/6] drm/imx: Introduce i.MX8qm/qxp DPU DRM - Liu Ying.
However, mainline kernel still lacks device tree for i.MX8QM. Are there any ways I could try mainline kernel on i.MX8QM.

The board I have is Apalis i.MX8QM with Ixora v1.1 carrier boad.

Thank you very much,

Hi @dothanhtrung,

we don’t plan to make much effort to mainline iMX8 modules until the release of BSP6 later this year. Additionally, it would be headless only.

Kind regards,

I see. Thank you for your information.