MAC address issues after updating a full backup on a T30


I have installed the latest 2.0 beta on my T30 module.
I then install needed components (.NET), set registry settings, config block seetings (no bootloader screen) and copy some files to the internal storage.
I then do a full system backup.

But if I update a different T30 module with this golden sample, the updated T30 module get the same MAC address than the module I made the bavkup from.

The MAC address is set in the registry as I can see. But deleting it, would make WEC2013 write a new one.
I a clear the registry on the updated module (that got the MAC address from the module where the backup came from), then the correct MAC address is set in the registry…

How does WEC2013 control the MAC address…?
Any way of avoiding this. I would like to use the backup/update feature during production!


Thanks for the report. We are currently working on a solution here.

This issue is solved with the latest Update Tool Version. You can get the tool from here: