Lxterminal start is significantly delayed

When Linux is just fully booted (LXDE GUI is up and running) attempt to start a terminal (lxterminal) either by clicking on it’s icon or by command through session on debug UART are delayed for a minute or more. Other lxde apps like GPIO Tool can start immediately.

Once lxterminal started next attempt to start it succeeded immediately.

What is preventing lxterminal to start immediately after Linux boot?

Linux Kernel generates randomness on first boot. This randomness gets generated with user input or other true random from hardware.

lxterminal waits until the kernel has fully built up that randomness.

The kernel states with the message: “random: crng init done” that this randomness is fully built.

That explains also, why it succeeds immediately on a second attempt.

The delay can be fixed by installing any daemon which helps the system to gather entropy.
Like rngd or haveged.

The issue is fixed in 3.0b3 for all Toradex BSP Images.
To test it, you could try any nightly build since 2019-10-17.