LVDS invert functionality


I’m having trouble connecting the newly developed LCD via the LVDS interface. The LXDE desktop is inverted over the x-axis.

Our external partner is developing a new 6.86 "LCD screen for us to use in our existing system. The screen is connected via the LVDS interface (single channel) and the interface board on the display then converts LVDS signals via the Lontium chip LT8918L to a MIPI signal as the LCD screen has a MIPI interface.

The problem is that the image is inverted via the x-axis as shown in below image.

Does the iMX6Q LVDS interface offer me the ability to invert the screen via individual axes (is there any property in the tree device in ldb lvds-channel node)?

The partner claims that we can turn the image in Linux, they said that the iMX6Q does support the invert functionality by the VPU (they send us the this image

claiming we can do it with VPU), although we believe that the inversion is a matter of LCD screen driver or the Lontium chip.

Regards, Mlinar

Apalis iMX6Q 1GB
Linux BSP 3.0.4

WinCE supports screen rotation but not mirroring. Most likely it possible to implement in by VPU but VPU driver source code is proprietary and we have no access to it. Usually screen HW supports X and Y flipping by activating dedicated input signal.

Hi @alex.tx

Thanks for clarifying that.

Regards, Mlinar