LVDS Interfacing Problem iMX7D 1GB WinCE 7

Dear Support Team,
I’m working with:

  • Colibri iMX7D 1GB
  • Colibri Evaluation v3.2B
  • WinCE 7
    I’m using iMX7D for improve the hardware of our existing devices.
    I want interfacing an Innolux g150xge-l05 to iMX7D 1GB.
    I want connect the Colibri Evaluation v3.2B sodimm pins to a DS90C383 and it to the g150xge-l05.

Can you help me doing it correctly?
I had a try but without success.
Please reply me asap I need to procede on our devices hardware improvements.

Best Regards

We have no experience with DS90C383 LVDS transmitter. However Colibri evaluation board has a single channel 18BPP transmitter already, so you can try to interface your display using it. For 24Bit LVDS transmitter interfacing example please take a look to our Iris 2.0 board schematic.
We are using there programmable THC63LVD827 LVDS transmitter which supports 18/24 BPP, Single/Dual LVDS mode.

Hello Giovanni,

i like to help you and set up a zoom cal to look into your issue more closely to see if you need to do a design change or if we can solve the problem.

Best Regards,

Matthias Gohlke

Hello Mr.Matthias,
I’m Giuseppe Carrozza the Research techician about the Giovanni Accinni srl firm.
I’m following our hardware improvement with your iMX7D 1G on an our existing base board.
If you want do a Zoom call please inform me about when you want do it.
I will free from others jobs.
Please inform me.

Best Regards

Giuseppe Carrozza