LVDS Display Integration on a custom board featuring Apalis TK1 SOM

Hi All,

I am integrating a CHIMEI N070ICG LD1 LVDS display in a system featuring an Apalis TK1 SOM (tegra124). Is there any reference documentation for setting up the device tree (kernel 3.10)?
I was looking here: root/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/video

Any suggestion?


Firstly what exact BSP version are you talking about?

In the regular downstream L4T based BSP this so far is not configurable via device tree but rather hard-coded here but may be influenced via kernel command line modedb as explained here. There is a ticket on our road map to implement further device tree configurability which may make it into our Q1 release currently in planning finalisation.

In mainline as far as I know so far only eDP rather than LVDS would be supported.

Thank you, quite helpful.

You are very welcome.