LVDS Data Signal 3

I’m a newbie with LVDS data signals however I have a display connected to an Ixora carrier board with Apalis iMX6. Using an oscilloscope I’ve measured signals on the four data signals of the LVDS connector but I can’t find any data on the LVDS Data signals 3. Is it possible? My display is 1280x480.

LVDS Data Signal 3 starting by 0. So the fourth signal.


Please have a look at the Apalis iMX6 datasheet, 5.5.2 LVDS chapter.
If you configured the LVDS to output 18bit pixel data then then only 3 data pairs are used as shown in figure 9, you will get exactly what you describe.

Assuming you got the timing right you should still get some output on the display, maybe with
wrong colours.

If you need more support I would need

  • the exact versions of HW and SW that you use.
  • what did you change to configure LVDS for your display.
  • the output of dmesg and grep -B 8 -A 15 ldb_di0_sel /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_summary.