LTS release of Linux BSP 5

Are there any plans for an LTS release of Linux BSP 5?

Hi @vcds,

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Please check below link for BSP 5 release. BSP 5 last release is 5.7.0 which is out and LTS candidate after this there will be BSP 6 which is in development.

Please also check below link for more details

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Ritesh Kumar

Hi @ritesh.tx

I noticed that the original news post announcing the 5.7.0 quarterly release has been changed. It now says that 5.7.0 is an LTS release: Yocto Project 5.7.0 Quarterly Release - Toradex BSP Layers & Reference images

However, other pages on the Toradex website do not reflect this. In particular, the Embedded Linux Release Matrix page still shows the LTS 5 status as “To be defined”: Embedded Linux Release Matrix | Toradex Developer Center

If 5.7.0 is indeed an LTS release then please update all the official pages to state this, so that there is no confusion.


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Hi @vcds,

Thanks for your input. We will update soon. As you know we are migrating to New Developer Website it should be taken care.

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Ritesh Kumar