LTS release and updates version number system

What is the numbering system for the LTS releases and their updates?
Specifically, the latest (and only?) LTS release for Apalis imx6 BSP 5 is 5.7.0.

I’m looking at
to choose the repo to sync to to run the yocto build.

Is 5.7.0 (commit hash 0472…) the correct version to use?
There is 5.7.1 (commit hash 5ce0…) available on the list. Is that an update to the LTS release that I should use, or is that a new non-LTS release (nightly or monthly) that I should ignore?

Thank you.

Hi @lukejb,

We follow the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH versioning scheme. 5.7 is our LTS, 5.7.1 was a patch added to fix some bugs and add support for new boards, so it’s still LTS version. You can use the 5.7.1 version for your builds.

Best Regards,

Hi Hiago,

Perfect, thank you very much.