Low ram available

How the LInux OS HAndles if AVailable RAM goes low while executing an Application.

We are facing an issue in timing of an application which takes more time.
Both the cores goes to 100 % Utilizaton when excuting our application and Free RAM shows as < 100MB

Is there any swap memory mechanism like n PC’s

PLease suggest a solution to handle this.


Can you please describe in detail your application to understand the exact requirement?

In low memory, scenarios os will report for out of memory, and the system may hang and crash due to low memory.
One can kill the process at the time of low memory so that it will prevent the system crash.

  • One option is to use customize Linux
    and remove all the components which
    you do not need e.g with BSP 2.8 I
    assume you must be using LXDE based
    desktop which if you do not need can
    remove. One good starting point will
    be to use our latest BSP 5 and modify
    it as per your need.
  • Another option is to use Colibri
    iMX7D 1GB variant if possible.

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