Low latency audio under WEC2013

I found an interesting problem with your modified images. We have two Colibri iMX6DL 512MB V1.1A module. On one module the image working well. But on the other module the issue is the follow: after the image update, the first boot is ok, but the next boots stopped at “Launching image at 10200000” message, on the serial monitor also this is the last message.
We reinstalled the 1.3.1 ce8 image on both module and reupdate with your image, but the result is the same, one works and the other not. The 1.3.1 ce8 and 1.3.1 ce7 is working well on both module.

Do you have some idea what should i try?

Do you have dbg.serial set to 1 in bootloader parameters?
Can you try with standard 1.4b4 image, to understand if the different behaviour may be due to the last changes or to changes between 1.3.1 an 1.4b4?
Did you completely erased flash, registry etc?
To ensure that you cleaned up everything you may use our easy installer to setup the modules.

The problem is the 1.4b4 image.
I used the easy installer and i completely erased the flash, and it’s not working. I set the dbg.serial to 1, but the last serial message is “Launching image at 10200000”. I did this also with the “good” module, and once, at first boot also appeared the issue, but after then it is working well. (Maybe some hardware settings are very close to a limit value?)
The 1.4b2 image is working well.

Also bootloader is set to v1.4b4?
We did not change low-level initialization setting between the two releases, but it’s definitely something we may need to investigate.
Did you select “power off” on the easy installer after having completed setup?
I’ve seen some issues if the board is just powered off at that point.

Your right. The bootloader version was the problem. It was 1.3b4.
Now everything is working well.

Thank you.