Loosing Multi IP Addresses on One Network Interface (NIC) Under WEC7

Dear all,

I have use the recommandation of that link to add 4 IP addresses to my devide helped with the AddIPAddress api function.
It works fine, but after a while the additional IP addresses are lost.

The MSDN documentation says:

Restarting the computer destroys the IPv4 address, as does manually resetting the network interface card (NIC). Also, certain PnP events may destroy the address.

I do not restart the network interface. Do you have any idea why I am loosing the IP addresses?

Which BSP version you are using? Could you provide detailed steps to reproduce your problem?

The BSP is a custom one from our provider. I will check tomorrow but I guess it is based on Tegra WinCE Image V2.3.
In my C# application I have several UDP socket running. The adapter is defined with a fix IP address and I use the AddIPAddress to add 4 IP addresses. Then I have a remote application that communicate on these sockets.
After a bit of time (around 12 hours or less) I am loosing the added IP address.
The adapter original IP address is still working.

Can you reproduce this issue using Toradex provided WinCE image and without your app?

It will be difficult to reproduce the behaviour with the Toradex image.
The BSP is customized to manage a touch screen and a communication with an FPGA. It should have no impact on Ethernet adapter.
The additional IP address are added by an API, i.e. an application. Without my application I can not add these address and I can not test the communication with my client.

Sorry but I need to have a reproducible case to start an investigation.