LookUpPrivilegeValue, AdjustTokenPrivilege API calls missing even when related data structures defined


I am porting Windows Source for Windows CE 8 using Toradex Windows Embedded Compact 2013 SDK.

I understand that no privilege concept exists in windows CE.But if it is so , why are privilege related structures defined in the winnt.h. Also I could see NT Defined Privileges Macros in winnt.h header file.What is the use of those macros if no API is defined related to the privilege concept?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Regards, Kamaldeep


I think that this stuff is there just to make it simpler to keep code compatible with CE and full WIN32.
Also, the code in ATL is inside #ifndef _WIN32_WCE. So, as you said there is no privilege concept exists in Windows CE.
We are seeing these APIs used in “atlcom.h”