Looking for manual for Torizon with Graphical support

I’ve just received my new kit and installed Torizon with Graphical support and Real-Time patch (I don’t remember the exact name of the image). After rebooting I don’t see any icon on the screen, even terminal. Does exist some manual on how to work with this image.

Well … there is icon of “weston-terminal” in top-left corner, but when I click on it nothing happens.

This sounds like you’re not on Torizon but rather our Yocto BSP image. Also what do you mean by manual? Usually a good place to start would be our getting started guides. Quickstart Guide - Toradex

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This is the problem of Toradex web site: while some subjects are fairly well developed, others not at all.
One glaring example of this strange practice is the non-disclosure of the list of images, available to install, somewhere on the site. Is this something intentional ?

No, it was not Yocto BSP image. When I installed it, I couldn’t imagine that after starting it, I couldn’t identify its name. Too bad I didn’t note the name of the package before installing.

Concerning your remark “what do you mean by manual”, every OS … DOS Windows, Android, all flowers of Linux, etc. have theirs manuals, where explained at least some basic manipulations. What about Torizon ? Does exist a similar manual ?

Actually, when I boot system, it looks like this:

Can you identify the package based on this image ?

HI @Pavel_52

Can you identify the package based on this image ?

No, but this is also not the intention. You can find type in the console cat /etc/issue and/or uname -a to identify the image you installed.

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Hi Pavel,

Based off your provided picture I do not believe you are running Torizon. By default Torizon should launch the “Portainer” tool on the display.

One easy check to see if you are running Torizon or not is this. When you boot the device up on the display do you see a Torizon splash screen on start-up? If no then you are probably running one of our other images and not Torizon.

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Hi Jaski.

But I have no any access to do something. Even when I click on the icon of so-called “weston-terminal” (in top-left corner) nothing happens.


Hi Jeremias,

There was no splash screen. Here are two consecutive screenshots I took during system boot:



Also, if I remember correctly, in the name of the image there was PREEMPT-RT.



HI @Pavel_52

I still did not understand what are your trying to do. Did you follow the Getting started Guide?

Based on your images, I can say that you are using Embedded Linux, for this the user login is root.

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I wanted to try one of the images that I found in “extended list”
Are all images in this list available for using by customers … or some of them are reserved for special use ?

As I already mentionned I can’t use any login because I didn’t find any option, where I’m requested (or allowed) to type whatever texte.



“I still did not understand what are your trying to do.”

Actually I try to identify image that I previously installed and by bad luck didn’t remember its name.



So start from scratch. Use a recovery mode and load Toradex Easy Installer as described here - Downloads & Installers | Toradex Developer Center

Then flash an image you want but write down it’s name this time.

You can use all images you want but if you asking for help you need to provide an info about image you are using.
To login please use a serial debug console -Configuring Serial Port Debug Console (Linux/U-Boot) | Toradex Developer Center

Ok, I’ll try it further.
First of all I want to identify the image with debug console.

Actually I have no any output on console.
Here is sentence, extracted from
link text
The following config options need to be defined in the respective board header file to quiet messages on the serial console:
But how to add these options if I have no access to the board ?

Did you follow the link from @alex.tx? The link you sent is about disabling the console which is not needed in your case. You should see something on the console.

Are your connections for the UART between carrier board and your host correct?

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Did you follow the link from @alex.tx?


Are your connections for the UART between carrier board and your host correct ?


Thanks for your Input.

Could you share the pictures of your connections?
Please send also the commands you used on your host in text format?

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Here is connection board side:


Here is connection PC side:


Here is identification of the name of USB-UART:


Here is settings of serial console:


Well … I identified image that I previously installed and reinstalled it with last release
Here it is:


Probably previous release was bugged (e.g. debug didn’t work), but in this one debug worked and I could login to the system from my PC:


But my original question persists: what can I do with this image without external PC ? There is icon of so-called weston-terminal on the screen connected to the board, but I can’t open it.