Local terminal not working after installing image

I got my iMX6 and Viola carrier board hooked up and running. I was able to use the pre-installed EasyInstaller to select an image and install it. After restarting though, no display was visible through the HDMI port. Connecting to the UART port showed that the image was being loaded. Using a WinCE image there was no output beyond the image being started, with a Linux image I could use the UART to login, but not through the locally connected keyboard/mouse and display. I was using the Toradex provided images.

Using recovery mode I can revert to the EasyInstaller and once again the local display works. Is there a step I’m missing?

Dear @srutledg

In Windows CE there is only one display output activated. By default this is VGA. It can be switched to HDMI by a registry setting:


You can find more details in the developer page article

You can use the Remote Display Tool over Ethernet (V3) in order to get access to the WinCe desktop.

Regards, Andy

Thanks Andy, that makes sense. What about Linux? The example image appears to not enable HDMI either, and I can’t seem to find a page that explains how to enable it.

Details about Linux display setup can be found here - https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/display-output-resolution-and-timings-linux#iMX_6_based_modules