Loading M4 Firmware from root file system

We are trying to load the M4 firmware (.elf-File) from the linux root file system. To achive that, we modified the u-boot environement variable ‘m4Boot’:

setenv m4boot ‘ubi part ubi; ubifsmount ubi0:rootfs1; ubifsload ${loadaddr} /opt/Firmware_M4/FirmwareM4.elf; bootaux ${loadaddr}; ubifsumount’

This is generally working, but every few boot-ups, u-Boot can not mount the rootfs (returning error -19 or error -30).Sometimes the bootfails completely and the OS has to be reinstalled.

What is the correct way to load and start the M4 firmware from the rootfs?

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It’s not recommended to mount UBI_FS based RootFS by U_boot.
Better to keep existing boot scenario (load it from dedicated UBI partition without any FS).
If you need to modify an M4 firmware from Linux you ca use a ubiupdatevol command as described here - https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/freertos-on-the-cortex-m4-of-a-colibri-imx7#Store_a_Firmware_on_Flash_and_Run_it_on_Boot