Loading eMMC filesystem with EasyInstaller


We are using a USB drive with Easy Installer to load our custom WEC 2013 image onto Colibri iMX6 256MB SOMs (V1.1a). Our SOMs have 4GB of space on the eMMC. I would like to load “FlashDisk” with files from the USB drive during the Easy Installer process. Is there an easy way to modify the easy installer scripts to achieve this goal (preloading the filesystem available on “FlashDisk” with uncompressed files on the USB drive)?

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Technically it’s possible. However some modifications are required. Could you please clarify - what exactly do you want to achieve? Do you mind to provide more details about your use case?

I would like to add additional files to the “ToradexUSBProgrammingTemplate” which would be copied to the userspace filesystem on eMMC as part of the wrapup.sh script. This would ensure that all required files in FlashDisk\ are available the first time WEC 2013 boots after easy installer installs WEC 2013 to the SOM.


Dear @aaron.h
I’m afraid we don’t have the tools to generate the file backup in a way that it could be restored by EasyInstaller.
We recommend to restore the files using the AutoCopy / EarlyAutoCopy method as described in the corresponding Developer Page Article.
Regards, Andy