Linux U-Boot Splash Screen

Hi! I am trying to show a splash screen during U-Boot. My system is running an Apalis IMX6 V2.6 with U-Boot version 2015.04-toradex.

I was first trying to show static splash screen to match my kernel splash screen but the bmp file only flashes at very end of u-boot session and not while system is residing in u-boot.

I followed this tutorial, with my logo replacing u-boot-toradex/tools/logos/toradex.bmp before compilation.

If I attempt to load the logo at runtime, as one would do while updating, I do not see any image on my screen.

I have ensured that #define CONFIG_SPLASH_SCREEN is defined in my apalis_imx6.h config file.

I also recognized from time to time that the Toradex u-boot logo would flash preceding my kernel boot splash logo - before I replaced the u-boot logo with my own.

Getting to my question, are there “fb” parameters I need to set early on in u-boot in order to display logo? In my vidargs I am displaying using video=mxcfb0:dev=lcd,EDT-WVGA,if=RGB24.

Or else does this otherwise ring a bell?



When Linux boots the content of the splash screen is not preserved. Thus you might see the U-Boot splash screen show for a short moment, then black, then whatever Linux is showing during boot.

So the first would be to stop in U-Boot. (pressing a key before U-Boot starts its bootcmd on the serial console)
Do you then get your logo?
What if you take an unchanged U-Boot from us?

The setting of vidargs is only used to construct the kernel command line.
If you need specific settings in U-Boot you would need to set the ‘panel’ environment variable or adapt the board file. See the ‘displays’ array in board/toradex/apalis_imx6/apalis_imx6.c and arch/arm/imx-common/video.c.