Linux splash screen not showing

Brief :

  • Openembedded image V2.7b4
  • Colibri imx7d
  • Custom LCD with Data Enable
  • Tweaked console image + qt + framebuffer ( only )

The whole system is working fine, i’ve managed to customize u-boot logo image but i can’t get linux splash screen.

Attempts :

  • psplash
  • kernel cutomized logo, default kernel logos
  • enabling/disabling console output on frame buffer

With console output enabled kernel msgs are correctly displayed onto the lcd, my custom Qt app is working correctly on framebuffer…but neither default kernel splash screen nor custom kernel splash screen appears ( same result with psplash ).

Any tips?

Thanks, Matteo.

But our regular LXDE demo image does show the penguins just fine isn’t it? So I assume you messed up the configuration somewhere. Could you try step-by-step starting from our known good LXDE demo image?

Hi Marcel,
2.8b2 regular x11-qt5 works, i’ve just tested it, i’ve found that disabling kernel console frame buffer support prevents kernel splash screen from working.
i will try to verify the same on 2.7b4 image asap.
With console fb support activated my custom splash screen in 2.8b2 works except kernel console msgs display onto the last screen ‘line’ , btw i am working on it to remove the issue.

quiet loglevel=1

Adding this kernel boot arg in uboot led me to stop every boot display msgs on frame buffer.

And you did it as explained here?

Yes of course, but splash screen works for me only with kernel support in mapping console to frame buffer.

The splash screen as documented in the link Marcel provided builds on the kernel console support… So make sure to enable CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE and follow this link to disable actual console output on the same console.