Linux Program Space

For the Colibri IMX6 and IMX7, how much space does the Linux BSP that is provided take up? Is it preloaded on the eMMc flash or NAND flash devices? Does it fully fit on the given 4GB or 512MB storage space?


The evaluation embedded Linux images that are provided for Colibri iMX6 & Colibri iMX7 fit completely on the modules’ internal flash/eMMC. A version of the image is preloaded on the module; however, it is generally not the most up-to-date image available at the time that a customer receives it. Therefore, we recommend flashing the latest Linux image release. The complete uncompressed image size for Colibri iMX6 is just over 300MB; while the Colibri iMX7 is a bit less.

The Linux image can be fully customized using OpenEmbedded-Core/Yocto Project.