Linux EIM from user space

Dear all,

We are trying to access EIM which is connected to an FPGA.
We have configured the weim in device tree and we can access it (RD and WR) from the kernel space using the mem2 tool.

Now we want to access the EIM from our application and we are wondering what is the easiest (but clean) way to do it?
Is it mandatory to write or adapt a custom device driver to do it or is there one already available in Torizon Core?
Do you have any sample application?

Best reagards

Greetings @rpannet,

As far as I’m aware the imx-weim driver that is used here doesn’t explicitly provide any kind of user-space access or entry in /dev. Typically from what I’ve seen most people just access the memory via /dev/mem as you seem to be doing.

Unfortunately this seems to be the common way, unless you feel like creating a custom driver. By the way if you plan to access your FPGA in a container see the thread here on how to give access to /dev/mem in a container without root privileges: issue using sram through eim with torizon - Technical Support - Toradex Community

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