Linux Console Image for Colibri iMX7

I have installed “Linux LXDE Image” on my Colibri IMX7 but i wonder is there any "Linux Console Image " Releases for that? i am trying to have lightweight linux on this module.

Hi @hsvz and Welcome to the Toradex Community

Till Bsp 2.8, we usually released and tested the LXDE image. Thus there is no Console Image available out of box. You need to build the image yourself using the OpenEmbedded Build.

Starting from Bsp 3.0, we are only deploying Console Image for most of the modules. This image can be installed by activating the Feeds Server in the Toradex Easy Installer and install the image Bsp 3.0b2.

Note: Build 65 is currently a good candidate, which should work well.

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