Linux BSP 5.3 vs 5.4 and dtb file , IMX8X+iris-v2

In 5.3 was in u-boot variable “fdtfile”

from LINUX console

fw_printenv fdtfile
fw_setenv fdtfile imx8qxp-colibri-iris-v2.dtb

In 5.4 “fdtfile” is missing , I found preboot=setenv fdtfile ${soc}-colibri-${fdt_board}.dtb

fw_printenv fdt_board
fw_setenv fdt_board iris-v2

Am I changing the DTB file correctly?

Hello @MariusM ,

Yes, you can use this variable fdt_board to to store the device tree filename. In fact, it is even expected that you do not edit fdtfile when you have other variables like fdt_board , variant or soc.

Best regards,