Linux and VS2013

Anyone try to use Visual Studio IDE and compile C/C++ code for embedded Linux like iMX7?

There is an extension of Visual Studio 2015 that can be used to build Linux code.
It does not work on VS2013.
It’s designed to build and run the code on the Linux machine, so you need to hack it a bit to do cross-compiling.
You can use a Linux VM to compile the code using our SDKs and then run/debug it on the target, but this is not officially supported yet.
You may also try to build and run code on the local Windows machine if you are running Windows 10 and have the Windows subsystem for Linux activated. I tested this a little bit and works only in the latest releases, those available if you are getting “fast ring” updates.
We plan to document this process in a few weeks, but this will not be the officially supported way to develop on Linux for Toradex products.

Forgot to add a link to the extension I mentioned:

I read about it but also I get application from here
then other options is plus VS 2017 have function to build cross platform application.