Libsolve-native testsolv fails to link

Building the console-tdx-image from a clean slate with this command:

bitbake -k console-tdx-image

fails with 1 error, trying to link testsolv, with these errors:

../ext/ undefined reference to `db_create_rpmdb'
../ext/ undefined reference to `db_env_create_rpmdb'

I’m trying to build LinuxImageV2.8 for an Apalis-T30 setup.


I guess you are hit by what this patch solves. Unfortunately it was not pulled into openembedded-core layer.

My solution was then to uninstall the build host’s ‘rpm-devel’ package. Alternatively write a bbappend which applies the patch.


The patch worked, although I had to apply it manually. For some reason, I couldn’t get “git am” to apply it. Oh well, I got it done.