Libsoc for iMX6

Libsoc board_files only supports colibri-vf50/61. I don’t see config file for colibri-imx6 platform. When cross compiling it with --enable-board, it reports such error:

configure: error: Invalid board name: colibri-imx6, must be one of: artik_710 beaglebone_black bubblegum chip colibri-vf50 colibri-vf61 dragonboard410c dragonboard820c  hikey odroid_c2 opos6ul_dev raspberrypi3b-rev1v2 raspberrypi3b-rev1v3 sd600_eval 

Since v2.8b3, libsoc support has been added. But where can I find the config file?

Hi @benjamin.tx

There are config files for Vybrid Modules only at the moment. @raja.tx is working for the creation of config files for other modules.

Thanks and best regards, Jaski

@jaski.tx , thanks for your reply. On our roadmap, it says libsoc supports all modules. This may confuse customer.

Dear @benjamin.tx

Still, config board files are not merged with Jack mitch libsoc, it is under in my git hub account. Time being please use this libsoc source : Please follow the instructions provided here to build and deploy libsoc on the module. I will try to merge with jack mitch libsoc soon.

Thank you

@raja.tx , thanks very much!

Hi @raja.tx , thanks for merging to mitch libsoc. Now I can cross compile. When compiling your io-crtl example, I notice that OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT and OECORE_TARGET_SYSROOT in environment-setup-armv7at2hf-neon-angstrom-linux-gnueabi don’t ending with /. It results in wrong path for Makefile.Here is the patch. link text