Led4 and Led5 on Ixora with ApalisT30

Hi everybody,
I’m running the Apalis T30 with the latest Linux Image from Toradex.
At the moment I’m not able to drive Led04 and Led05 which appears always switched ON with red light.
Changing the direction and the value of pins 146,152,156,i162 using GPIOConfig tool has no effect, neither manually changing /sys/class/gpio/gpio1xx/direction and /sys/class/gpio/gpio1xx/value. Using a Python script to change the values has no effect as well even if, reading the files, “direction” and “value” have been changed.
Any clue about this issue???
Thanks in advance,

There is a known pin muxing limitation which requires special care by e.g. un-commenting the following define as noted here and re-compiling the kernel as e.g. noted here.

BTW: We just released V2.7 beta 1 which is now considered the latest BSP.

Thanks Marcel.
Should I recompile the kernel also in order to access GPIO functionalities on Ixora’s connector X27?


That depends on the pin. In order to use a pin as gpio from user space it must be pinmuxed in the kernel for its gpio function.

GPIO1-GPIO8 are already pinmuxed for gpio, albeit GPIO7 being used by the PCIe to workaround an errata on the PCIe switch found on the Apalis Evaluation Board.
So GPIO1-GPIO6 and GPIO8 are accessible through sysfs without any change to the kernel.