Lead WLAN signal out from the SoM from WiFi module without passing the SoC

In my project we using Verdin iMX8m_mini SoM with AzureWave’s WiFi/BT module.

The SoM looks to be configured to lead the UART (BT) signal out, but WiFi (through SDIO) in to the SoC.

I am looking for a solution to lead the WiFi signal out of the SoM without passing the SoC. Is there such a possibility? Is it even possible to reconfigure the WiFi module to use UART for WLAN.

Hello MagBoz,

what do you mean by “lead WiFi signal out” ? I assume that you want to use a an external wifi module.Or do you want to just bring out the RF signal of the module to use an external antenna.

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I do not wish to use another radio module, I want to use the AzureWave’s one that is part of the SoM.

The radio module has pins leading into and out of the SoM. According to the datasheets, SDIO is considered for WiFi and UART is considered for BT. SDIO pins are wired towards the SoC on the SoM, while the UART is wired out of the SoM onto the “Module Specific” pins.

What I wonder about is if it is possible to configure the Radio module to, for example, use the UART to use with the WiFi instead of the BT. So that I can pass the WLAN data out of the SoM without it having to be handled by the SoC through the SDIO.

Or am I missing something about the radio module? Like, it being wired to the Ethernet PHY (the block schematics don’t show this)?

Hello Mag Boz,

It depends on the driver. So the driver of the combo wireless modules is usually using SDIO for Wifi and Urat for BT. The pins are moved to the edge from the module so that you as the developer have options. if your design need the UART for something else and you dont use certain wireless function you can uses for something else.

Best Regards, Matthias