Lcm-package for Apalis IMX6 running linux BSP 2.8b5

I have to implement the Lightweight Communications and Marshalling lcm-package on my apalis imx6
I´m using the latest BSP from Toradex. Is there any ready to use Solution out there. I found an old implementation on (meta-uav, version lcm 1.0.0) but this seems to be broken an fairly old.
Any help is appreciated.

Please note that the BSP 2.8b5 beta version is no longer supported.

Hi @res

We don’t have experience using LCM. However you can find the sources here which you need to cross-compile yourself.

By the way, what is your application?

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Hi jaski.tx.
thanks for your replay.
I will try it on my own with version 1.3.1 (before C-make comes in).
I have a link for you regarding the application we are focusing on with lcm,
but the webside is only in german. maybe you can get an overview anyway
link text

hi @res

Thanks for the feedback and link to the application. There is no issue regarding the language, we in Switzerland can understand German too ;).

Please let us know if you need more Information.

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