LCD Touch screen not showing any display output

I am using iMX8 module and ixora carrier board. I have done all the setup and connected all the cables and lcd touch screen to LVDS pins. When I am switching on the board, the LCD touch is only showing the backlight and nothing else. I am checking the serial logs in putty console. The board is booting up correctly but not showing any toradex easy installer output. Anyone to help me on this

The Toradex Easy Installer video output on Apalis iMX8 set to HDMI. Thus please use either HDMI display or remote desktop connection to do a OS flashing.
Then you can add an LVDS support by applying Device Tree Overlays. Please note if you are using LVDS display other than Toradex Capacitive Touch Display 10.1" LVDS you need to create your own overlay instead of display-lt170410_overlay.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your reply. So do I need to change the overlays.txt file and boot up again.? Which .dtbo files do I need to add to overlays.txt file? Thanks

Hi Alex,
I am able to flash the os image and lcd display is coming up. Its working thanks

Hi Alex,
I am facing a weird issue. Everything was working fine. But when I switched the board off and switch it on again, the system is not booting up and I am not getting any booting logs on puTTy.

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