LCD flickering on colibri imx7D


After migrating from 3.0 Thud to the latest BSP using dunfell 5.x.y (check here)
From 4.14.149 kernel to 5.4.91 kernel
and u-boot toradex 2019.07 to 2020.07
Using the same MIPI DSI bridge driver TC358778XBG and same kernel Framebuffer configuration (no DRM used) and same timings and modelines on the device tree
I get a Flickering screen with the wrong resolution and a bizarre jumping lines.
Is this issue related to the latest work on u-boot related to deleting lcd_pads or is it something with 5.4 kernel ?

Dear @rfrikha,

Can you further explain how you connected the Display to the Iris board, since the board does not feature either MIPI or DSI?

A lot has changed from one version to the other so, would it be possible for you to share the configuration of the device tree as well as the kernel config?

Best Regards