Latest iMX8X Linux Image

Where do I find the latest Linux archive for the iMX8X? I’m following the environment install flow from the app note “How to setup environment for embedded Linux application development” which worked OK until downloading the Linux image from Index of /files/toradex-dev/uploads/media/Colibri/Linux/Images - there isn’t one. I did find one at Linux BSPs - Toradex Colibri and Apalis System on Modules. Do I just download this one and install it from the hard drive?

The module should have come with the Toradex Easy Installer factory pre-installed, which can be used to install images directly over the Internet or from here.

I’m thinking more long term. My end product won’t have ethernet, and will most likely require a custom build. There fore I’ll need the sources to build from (kernel, drivers, etc).

Sure. You can get the sources from the link described here.