Kernel version 4.9.87 oops crash while using bluetoothctl pairing/ connection

Kernel image is built with openembedded core 2.8b4. Testing Apalis iMX6 with Apalis evaluation board. We have not integrated any other drivers. We included the following packages for build
iw wireless-tools
dhcp-client dhcp-server
sbc \
Same issue faced for 4.4 kernel existing in openembedded core. Same issue faced on pre built image 2.8b4 in toradex website.

Did any one faced this similar issue? Please find us a solution to make bluetooth connection stable.


Could you explain us some more about the exact Bluetooth hardware/driver in use? Plus rather than some useless screen shots may you include a complete boot log as well as relevant log files at the time of crash? What exact operation were you attempting at the time of crash?

Hi marcel,

  • Target: Transfer files or audio streaming over Bluetooth
  • Test setup: Apalis i.MX6Q 1GB module on Apalis carrier board connecting to a Bluetooth device(Android phone or laptop with CSR dongle) and trying to transfer files
  • Bluetooth stack: BlueZ5.46
  • Kernel: Linux Yocto build done with “rocko” release from toradex
    Please find more details in the attached files
  • bootuplog.txt - Contains the kernel bootup log
  • crashlog.txt - Contains the kernel crash dump observed during connection

Please find the log files below:
Log files


Thanks for this Information. Which Bluetooth hardware is connected to Apalis iMX6? Could you provide a datasheet?

Thanks for the quick response.
CSR8510 A10 is connected to Apalis iMX6. Basic profiles like file transfer, A2DP are working fine in a Linux laptop(kernel version 4.9).

You are welcome. We are working on the issue and will come soon back to you.

Meanwhile, could you try to build the kernel from sources without the backports driver but just driver enabled for your Bluetooth Hardware?

As you suggested we built the kernel image from sources. We didn’t observe any crash.
We enabled only CONFIG_BT_HCIBTUSB=m.

Thanks for the Input. We will fix this issue for the future Bsp Release.

Best regards, Jaski

Can you please tell us how can we develop high level framework applications like gstreamer, pulseaudio etc. when we follow

I did not understand the question. Could you ask a new question, please?

I need to test Bluetooth A2DP, HFP profiles using image generated by building from source code not OpenEmbedded core. For that I need gstreamer plugins, commands, libraries, pulseaudio commands, libraries, bluez-alsa commands, service and likely some kind of extra packages. Could you please explain how can I get those while/after booting?
For example after booting image on Apalis EVB, connected to internet, giving opkg install package throwing error as
“opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn’t find anything to satisfy package”

Message you’re getting means there is no package named package which is correct.
Try running opkg update before installing a real package. We’re recommending building a custom image with the required software yourself instead of creating one with opkg install.


Can you please tell when will the Toradex Yocto SUMO be released?


hi @sridhar.jonnavittula

We won’t release any Yocto Sumo, but we will release Yocto Thud this year. This release is planned for Q2.

Best regards, Jaski


How can I disable kernel backports in Openembedded Yocto build? We want to disable because, btusb driver is fetched from backports and what changes we make in kernel-sources/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c is not affecting.
Also can we apply patches to kernel backports?


Hi Sridhar

How can I disable kernel backports in Openembedded Yocto build?

You need to remove the package ‘backports’ from the IMAGE_INSTALL variable. E.g. in your image recipe here or by adding

IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "backports"

to your local.conf.

Note that the backports package provides Wi-Fi related kernel modules. So the regular kernel recipe is configured to NOT provide the kernel modules backports provides. You may need to enable the relevant configs in the defconfig.

Also can we apply patches to kernel backports?

You could make whatever changes needed through the backports recipe and trough that patch what is fetched from here.


Thanks for your answer. We applied patch and get it worked. You can close this ticket. If I want to make it answered, how can I?