Kernel file system corrupted on Colibri T20 using Viola board

Linux BSP 2.8.7
Colibri T20 with Viola carrier board

We had 2 systems stop working out of 20 running Yocto BSP 2.8.7 and our software with not a huge amount of uptime. This was definitely caused by writing to the flash and removing power at the same time. Checking the debug output it is a corrupted file system, I can attach logs if necessary but looking at other posts it seems correct.
My question:

Does the BSP 3 deal with this problem better or is it the same for 2.8.7?
We would prefer not to update our kernel but if this will fix our problem then we have no choice.

If updating is not 100% then is there something else we can do to minimise this happening in the field?

Is there a way to repair the file system or is it a waste of time?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @robple11 , a sudden power cut could affect the file system and the module may not boot successfully on the next power cycle. You can post the log here.
We don’t test Linux BSP v3.0 and v2.8 against power cuts. You can implement such a test if you would like to.
Adding a backup power supply can avoid file system corruption when a power cut happens. But it will resign your carrier board. Another workaround could be multi-partition on flash. The rootfs is read-only and another writable partition is to store user data and binaries.