Ixora Carrier Board / Apalis T30 USB 3.0 compatibility issue with USB 2.0 HID devices

I have a Apalis T30 on a Ixora carrer board. My USB mouse/keyboard works fine with the USB 2.0 port but not with the USB 3.0 port. Is there backward compatibility issue with the USB 2.0 HID devices? The BSP image is WEC2013.

Dear @yzoupri

This is not a backward compatibility issue.

The Ixora carrier board was designed to fit for many different Apalis modules - including existing and future ones. There is no hub on the board to route the module’s USB ports to all Ixora USB connectors. Instead, each Ixora USB port is routed directly to Apalis module pins.
The Apalis T30 supports

  • USBO1
  • USBH2
  • USBH3 (because the T30 CPU only supports 3 USB ports)

which are routed to

  • X9 (Micro-USB) and X8-lower in parallel
  • X25 (MiniPCIe)
  • X7 (vertical USB connector)

This means that

  • X8-upper is routed to floating pins of the Apalis T30, therefore cannot be used.
  • only one of the connectors X9 / X8-lower can be used at a time.

Regards, Andy