Ixora + Apalis compatibility matrix

Dear Toradex,

Before, I bought some Apalis iMX6 /TK1 together with an Ixora V1.1A. Now I’d like to know if my Ixora V1.1A is still compatible with new iMX8 based Apalis SOMs, please ?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


The Ixora board v 1.1A is fully compatible with Apalis iMX8 SOM except power requirements. In case of full Apalis iMX8 load some Ixora boards’ power supply may trigger overcurrent protection. As a result you will see an unexpected system reboot. To fix this problem you can replace R9 resistor on Ixora to a 0Ω-resistor for sufficient power supply for the Apalis iMX8.

An Ixora V1.2A board is fully compatible with all Apalis SOMs.