Issues running analog camera v2.0b module with apalis imx6

Hello All,
I am trying to interface analog camera(v2.0b) to my development board but there is issue with it.
On running the command :

gst-launch-1.0 imxv4l2videosrc ! imxipuvideosink use-vsync=true

i got a black screen with some green horizontal lines…every time i run this command…i tried all the steps mentioned here but didnt get the desired output…
Please help me with this…

Hi @akshat

Which display on which interface are you using?
Could you provide some details about your analogue camera?

i got a black screen with some green horizontal lines.
Could you share some pictures?

Thanks and best regards,

camera model is HIKVISION DS-2CE5AD0T
images for reference
please look through the images in that i have shown you the connection and the output which i am getting…please reply ASAP…

Please note that our ACA only supports regular PAL or NTSC SD TV input which I’m not so sure is what your camera provides. Please further note that only one input can be active and no concurrent streaming will be possible.

i am sharing you a link of my camera specification please go through it and provide me the details whether its compatible with my module or not…
waiting for an early reply from your side…thanks…

Hi @akshat

The Analogue Camera Module works with Composite Video Output and not Resolution higher than 576i.

Best regards,