Issue with U-Boot 2019

I moved from BSP 2.8.7 to BSP 3.04. I managed to bring up the new BSP with the old U-Boot bootloader (v2016). However when I try to switch to the new bootloader U-Boot gets stuck right before handling over to the linux kernel. The last message I can see is “Starting kernel”.
I checked that all load addresses are correct (for DTB and kernel). The device tree and the kernel as well as the rootfs are loaded from the ubi filesystem (each has it’s own ubi partition). Using the uboot command “md” I checked that the content loaded to RAM looks correct.

Please find the logs in the attachment of the new and old bootloader. U-Boot 2019 has more verbose logs because I changed the U-Boot configuration to get more details.

What could be wrong with my 2019-UBoot bootloader?

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And it works when you are using our binary demo image?

Could it be that you are missing setting bootm_boot_mode to sec?

Hi @marcel.tx

Thank you so much for the information. It was actually exactly the missing peace. Through my changes in U-Boot environment I accidentally removed the variable.

Best regards & thanks again.

Great you got it working and thanks for letting us know.