Issue with IMX8MM's GPU

Dear @OmidID ,

I am sorry that you feel this way. We really try our best to help our customers, but the path that you are following is not aligned with our expertise, so Toradex can’t support you properly. But, if you have this expertise (that we don’t), this shouldn’t be a limitation for you.

Actually, @gclaudino.tx answered your question correctly: “it’s indeed not the only solution”. Yocto is not the only solution. You can continue your development in the way that best fits your needs. As an example, you can find Buildroot “recipes” for some Toradex modules online (of course not officially supported by Toradex).

Indeed moving to upstream is a great accomplishment for any device and also helps to reach a very maturity. But please keep in mind that this is not an easy task. There is also a lot of dependency on NXP support. This very Community helps a lot in this effort as everyone helps to find out issues to be solved in a way or another.

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Actually, Make the GPU work on your products is not something that complicated that you cannot provide any additional information!!! I do not understand.
if it is customer support then you should have answers for my questions even if it is detail.
So. This is not right if you say “you not use yocto you are out!”. In case if you want to have really customize OS you cannot relay on Yocto because those meta(s) with unlimited patches and referring to each other do not let you to understand how things go and how to configure it. Yocto has a spaghetti architecture and I really don’t know why still this system is used by some big companies such as NXP!

Anyway. I make it work and make a perfect configuration on Buildroot to have a clean build.
I highly suggest you to provide Buildroot configuration. it is using KConfig system exactly same as professional project such as Kernel, Uboot, Busybox, etc… .
In case we can help if you are interested to have it officially.

Don’t get it wrong. I really love Toradex products! They are really high quality. Maybe I’m perfectionist :smiley:

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