Issue with driver on VF61


I have backlight driver that exelent works on ColibriPXA320 806Mhz v2.0B. I rewrite PDD layer this driver using ToradexCeLibraries v1.6. In library.
I use pwm module for control backlight and gpio module for initializing LCD. Driver good works on VF61, but after board goes to sleep and followed by awakening(43 SODIMM by default), board does’n responds, Async is not connected, backlight off. In driver’s log I see that Power Manager sends IOCTL request IOCTL_POWER_SET with D4 to the driver and then log ends. Please help me.


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can you try and reconnect usb cable you use for Active Sync?

Yes, I tried. It seems like system not wake up.

Does it work correctly if you do not use your backlight driver?

Sorry for late answer. I find error in my code and now driver working exellent. But I find issue in Gpio and I2c library(ToradexCeLibrary). I can’t set require pin state in suspend mode. If I set pin in high out mode, in suspend mode pin is low. And second trouble: After wakeup i2c doesn’t work. I write battery driver and I need read data from i2c ADC. Before suspend it works.


All the pins that are not wake up sources on Vybrid will be floating during suspend mode.
Can you send me the sample how you use I2C that does not work after wakeup so I can test it here.

Hi. This code:
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If i run this program after resume, I2c_write returns FALSE.

I also find that COM 2, doesn’t work after resume, CreateFile returns INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, GetLastError returns 0x6E.


I am looking into this now. I will have update in few days.

Issue is now resolved and will be available in next release. If you want to test it please contact support referencing this thread.