Is there any way to boot with uboot on SD card?

I am using Verdin iMX8MM board. I noticed that the board only uses uboot from eMMC. I want it to boot from SD card and use uboot on SD card. Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank for your reply,

I read the requirement section in the doccument you shared and found that to boot from SD card, we still need a preinstall uboot in eMMC. Is this mandatory? Is there any way to directly use uboot written on SD card?

Yes, it’s mandatory. On the other hand, you can develop your own bootloader instead of U_Boot and configure it to boot from various sources. The boot process should always start from a bootloader stored on the eMMC. Please note that all Verdin modules are shipped with the pre-flashed Toradex Easy Installer, which contains its own U_Boot. However, I cannot guarantee that this pre-installed U_Boot complies with the instructions provided on the mentioned webpage, though it likely does