Is there an example of using CAN with Cortex-M4 of Apalis iMX8?

I want to try to use CAN Network with Cortex-M4 in iMX8.

I’ve followed the instructions on this article: FreeRTOS on the Cortex-M4s of a Apalis iMX8, the hello world example worked and I was able to debug with the Segger J-link

What would be the best way of getting started with CAN?


Dear @iacosta156

I didn’t have time yet to look into CAN on iMX8Qm. But the iMX8 SDK you downloaded contains CAN examples in the folders

  • *\boards\mekmimx8qm\driver_examples\canfd\ * and
  • *\boards\mekmimx8qm\driver_examples\flexcan\ *

I recommend you use them for your first steps in CAN.

Regards, Andy

I am working on the same setup as you are. I was able to load the hello world example and get it running. But I can’t find a way to debug it. I have a Segger J-link as well, and I’m using IAR IDE, but I could adapt.
Could you tell me what were the steps you followed to be able to debug your project?
Thank you in advance.