Is there a way to clone with Update Tool 7.3.0 (2.0)?

The older versions of the Update Tool allowed cloning an entire VF61 for production in a single backup file. The new version released with v1.5 allows only backing up the registry, configuration, and files_system in “raw” format. Is there a way to clone the entire system with the new version? I am getting an error after trying to restore the File_System backup with the new version.

Is there a specific order the individual backups need to be restored?


You can read about production programming here

This is under CE 6.0.

Running the Update Tool from the UI to restore the File System seems to delete the FlashDisk volume and create a FlashDisk folder in volatile memory which obviously disappears after cold boot.

I also run a registry update which does not seem to work either after a cold boot.

The Registry backup/Restore does seem to work if one does not do a Save after the Update.


Could you please describe step by step to reproduce the issue with the previous version of the image, New version, update tool version? We will try the same steps here.

Steps with Update Tool v7.3.0 (2.0):

  1. Do a File System backup on one module.
  2. Copy the backup file to second module’s SD Card.
  3. Do a File System Update on the second module from the saved backup. [though it takes a while, the progress bar never moves.]
  4. Check the File Explorer and you will find that the FlashDisk volume is gone and a FlashDisk folder is shown instead with the backed up files present.
  5. Do a Cold Boot. On completion, the FlashDisk volume is empty.


We have tried to reproduce the issue here, but unable to reproduce.
Did you test 1 module or multiple modules?
Could you please completely erase the flash and reprogram the latest image as per our documentation:

Please use the latest updateTool which is coming with release image, please don’t use OS inbuilt / running update tool. We are always recommending to use newest update tool which will be in release package.

Let us know if you are facing the issue after above procedure.

I am using the Update Tool v7.3.0.(2.0). Is that not the correct one?

link text

The File System backup I am trying to update is attached. I believe I updated the OS to v1.5 according to the procedures.

I discovered that the Update.exe included with the OS v1.5 image is different from the UpdateTool.exe included in the root of the v1.5 zip download. Very confusing. The image contains v7.3.0 (2.0) while the UpdateTool.exe is v7.5.0 (2.0).

When I used v7.5.0 everything works correctly.


Thank you for posting your findings. We will solve it next release.