Is there a CAN library available for VF modules


Is there a CAN library available for download for Vybrid modules? I was not able to find it on-line.

Currently CAN library for VF modules is still in development. You can check our roadmap from time to time for updates ( Toradex CE Libraries Release Details )

But you can download sample code on how to use driver directly here →

There are samples and binary files for CE6/WEC7/WEC2013

Thank you very much!


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How can i do that?

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Using this in C# would be easy. Just read up on →

And write a wrapper for a functions defined in sdk_canbus.h

I’ve recently tried code from your sample for my VF50 but it doesn’t work (for WinCE 6.0). I’ve tried both CAN1 and CAN2. I’d made changes in registry (I turned off PWM library and turned on CAN library) before I did tests. I didn’t have any signals on my CAN pins in both cases.
Should I do anything else to get access to CAN?

You can check here what drivers you need to disable.

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Has anyone tried to use that library with C#? Does anyone has sample on C#?