Is SODIMM 34 used by CE 6 on VF61?

I need to use SODIMM 34 as GPIO on my carrier board.

I configured it as an output in the bootloader and everything is ok during the first phase of the boot.

When CE 6 boots, this pin is driven HIGH; afterwards I can configure it as an output LOW in my application.

The problem is that this pin is connected to a LED and I see it ON for some seconds.

I suspect CE 6 uses this pin. Maybe some driver?

How can I set CE 6 so that it doesn’t touch this pin?

I think it is UARTB.

I disable it in WinCE (together with other drivers, and now it seems ok).

Dear @vix,

Thank you for your question and findings. There is one more option. Please refer this documentation :

It would help you if you want to use UARTB and also controlling SODIMM 34 pin.