Is it possible to load and boot the WinCE image from a SDCard?

I know the Colibri modules are fused and the bootloader is always loaded from the internal flash.
However is it possible to place the WinCE image in a SDCard and configure the bootloader to load the image from there?

If possible, how can I do this?

You can configure the following setting in the bootloader.

>set boot.dltype=2
>set boot.dl 1
>save boot

The bootloader will then search for an image file “nk.bin” in the root folder of the SD card.

However, in a production environment Toradex recommends to boot from the internal flash memory.

If you do that and there is no SD card installed it seems to load off the internal flash anyway. Is that correct?
I figured if you set the boot.dltype to 2 it would not boot at all if there was no SD card installed.

Dear @barclacc
In my previous answer I missed to add the setting set boot.dl 1. In this case the module would still boot from NAND. I fixed the anwer to include the command.
We did not implement a fallback mode to boot from NAND in case there is no SD card inserted; setting boot.dltype and boot.dl switches hard to SD boot.
Regards, Andy