Is it possible to install ubuntu on Apalis imx8?


We are doing a feasibility study whether we able to install ubuntu(any version) on Apalis IMX8(Or any 64 bit toradex board). If possible we need to buy the same.

I found some ubuntu installation step in NXP

Please suggest whether above steps works or any other step do I need to follow.

Thanks in advance

Hi Kiran,

It certainly should be possible to use ubuntu rootfs. Please check below community post explaining same for iMX6. Steps will mostly be the same, one needs to simply replace current rootfs which we provide with our BSP with ubuntu rootfs.

Also, if you can describe the exact use case why exactly you need to install ubuntu then maybe we can provide you a more optimized solution that will be supported by Toradex.

We provide Torizon os for Apalis iMX8 where one can run Debian based containers and can leverage features of Debian based rootfs such as ubuntu. Please go through Torizon link for more detail

Let me know if you have any further queries.

Best Regards

Ritesh Kumar

Hi Ritesh,

Please correct me If I am wrong as I am newbie in toradex boards.

I need an ubuntu desktop environment OS in toradex 64 bit board. As per community post you provide above, Answer given that use “Toradex easy installer” to install embedded linux and replace the rootfs with “ubuntu rootfs” and “bootfs”. Is it really need to replace bootfs?.


Hi Ritesh,

We need to run “Anbox” in arm64 bit based toradex board is the ultimate goal. Please give your suggestions.


Hi @ritesh.tx ,

Waiting for your response in my above comments.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kiran_bm

I assume you want to use Anbox to run Android applications directly on the embedded target, right? Why don’t you install Android directly instead of trying to run Ubuntu on our hardware to be able to run a Android-like software?
We have partners which officially support Android on our platforms. You can install it from Toradex Easy Installer directly as well. Please check our Android-Page for that.

Would that fit your needs?
Best regards

Hi Diego,

Sorry it will not fit our needs. We have a linux system and its applications. We need to preserve those applications. Also we need to run android applications as well on the same linux system. While searching for the same we came across about anbox. So that we need to try anbox in an arm environment.


Hi @kiran_bm

In this case, you may install Anbox in a container which is well explained here.

Thanks and best regards,