Is it possible to enter into recovery mode from a command line?


I’m working on Dahlia board with iMX8M-Plus and doing some development.
Nowadays I started keeping the board in the office and working from home by accessing it remotely.
Sometimes I need to produce a new image and burn it to the verdin module through Easy Installer.
For this operation, I need to press the recovery button on the dahlia and reset the board. I need some relay mechanism which can be controlled remotely for that. Before going that further, I wonder that if there is a way to enter into recovery mode without pressing the recovery button physically for example directly from the bash screen of the verdin?

Thank you.

Hello @Fide ,
There is no “software” way to enter recovery mode. The way recovery mode for Verdin SoM’s is implemented is described here:

via the CTRL_RECOVERY_MICO# signal ( Section 5.2)

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Thanks for the confirmation.