Is it possible to deploy a VC# project over ethernet to other PC where Colibri is Connected means without connecting to Colibri device from in development PC?

Please let me know if there is possibility to deploy a VC# project without connecting to Colibri device?
And in Colibri T20 - pin no. 4 and 7 are working perfectly (using GpioLib.dll) but the same pins are not working in Colibri VF61 (using TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll). Please suggest.

Hi Dhananjay,

Yes, you can deploy your project on Colibri device through ethernet without physically connecting to the computer, but you need to make sure your device and your system are over the same network, i.e. subnet mask and default gateway should be same. Check this article for detailed information:

I looked in GPIO Config tool, there is NO SODIMM 4 and 7 in any of the modules, can you check through GPIO Config tool on both module which SODIMM pins you are talking about.

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Oh my mistake, the SODIMM PIN numbers are 86 and 133.

I have checked with GPIO config tool for mentioned SODIMM pins, both pins should work fine, please make sure you are using correct API’s as Tegra and Vybrid modules both have different libraries as well as API’s.