Is heatsink mandatory for Verdin iMX8M?

I see on the shop that a heatsink for Verdin SoMs is available.

I see that the heatsink is not available for Colibri SoMs.

Does this mean that a heatsink is not necessary for Colibri SoMs but is mandatory for Verdin SoMs (in typical usage scenario, I mean)?

I bought a Colibri iMX8 DualX 1GB Wi-Fi / Bluetooth SoM and I notice that it becomes really hot when running the Qt Cinematic Experience example (60 fps graphichal performance).

But it seems that a heatsink is not necessary in this case (or this is my understanding).

Can someone from Toradex clarify this point, please?

It is not mandatory for Verdin but highly recommended for Verdin iMX8M Plus in most cases since you can run into thermal throttling quite easily. For the Mini is more complicated but might be needed in some very high usage cases.

The thing with Colibri is that +15 years ago, we didn’t design the family to use Heatsink, as opposed to the Apalis and Verdin family that have an specification for heatsinks.